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Indian Institute of Nano-Science and Technology on Tumkur Road

At the fourth edition of Bangalore Nano on Thursday, the Science and Technology Minister announced that it will be promoting nanotechnology in a big way, with enhanced financial support in the forthcoming budget of 2012-13. The state government has requested the central government for speedy completion of 100-crore Indian Institute of Nano-Science and Technology on Tumkur Road. It was announced that the government has already taken up civil works for the Institute on the already allocated 14 acres.


Nanotechnology can be defined as the science of engineering materials at the atomic or molecular levels. One nanometre is a trillionth of a meter, or in other words, it can be compared to the length by which the average man’s beard grows in the time he takes to lift the razor to his beard. Nanotechnology is already employed in a wide array of products from food and clothing to disinfectants. Bandages infused with nano-materials have proved to heal wounds faster. The implications of this for the future are enormous. Experts are reckoning with revolutionary progress in fields ranging from food production to video gaming and personal computing through the application of this technology.


Bangalore Nano is welcome initiative by the governmental authorities to foster a business-friendly environment for the development of nano-science and nanotechnology industries in the state of Karnataka. It is a platform that brings together the industry majors, bureaucrats and government officials along with researchers to showcase the latest developments in the field and to enable a free exchange of ideas and help formulate policy for the promotion of nanotechnology in the state.  The state government seems eager to position Bangalore, which has a tradition of catering to frontier technologies like IT and BT, as an attractive destination for investment and research in this sunrise sector too.


The government announced a slew of steps it was planning to support nanotechnology at the conference. As part of its venture to boost nano-research in the State, the government is mulling introducing a policy on animation and gaming to boost the promising sector, said Minister for Science & Technology and Fisheries, Anand Asnotikar.


Nanotech Park

The government intends to set up a state-of-the-art Nano Park near the Bengaluru International Airport and ‘Expression of Interest’ has already been invited for development of the park on a public-private partnership basis, said the minister, adding that this initiative would give a major fillip to the nanotechnology sector in the state. The park would include an incubation centre, to support early stage entrepreneurial ventures, with the infrastructure and support structure required for such a centre. Necessary academic centres will also be present to foster and develop high-quality domain expertise.


Nano Lab at Jakkur

The government would also provide one acre of land at Jakkur for the establishment of Nano Lab by the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research on the neighbouring premises of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Rural Energy and Development.


Leading scientists and researchers from industry majors and elite universities around the world participated in the 2-day conference held at Lalit Ashok Bangalore. Prof. CNR Rao, the Scientific Advisor to the Prime Minister of India, who spoke at the conference, said that nanotechnology can play a big role in solving the energy crisis and protecting the environment.


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